Non Resident Borrowers

Whether it is your first investment, vacation home, or you are building a portfolio of  investment property, each transaction is often made possible by one thing: the loan program.

CITYLIFE MORTGAGES offers a client referral service to the best NON-BANK loan providers in the market today. New off the plan, secondary, construction, or refinance all available.*

Australian Non-Resident Mortgages: If you're a foreign citizen OR Aussie expat living outside of Australia, NEW home loans and investment loans are NOW available at rates generally from 3.89% pa. Citylife Mortgages offers info on some of the best property loans in Australia.

STOP PRESS: MAY 21, 2019:

Have you purchased off the plan and will need finance soon? APRA announced it is dropping the 7% theoretical interest rate for banks to use when calculating serviceability by borrowers.
What this means is that banks will be allowed to set their own minimum buffer instead, notwithstanding they still need to test if a borrower could still service a loan assuming a rate 2.5% higher than the lending rate applied to the borrower. In other words, if you are applying for a loan with an interest rate of 4%, the bank will test to see if you can handle an interest rate of 6.5%.
This move should mean that more loan applicants will qualify for a loan and/or their borrowing limits will increase. More and more lenders are now appearing and this website lists some of the best loans available for Non-Resident borrowers.


*Subject to availability.Terms and conditions apply. Loans may not be available in the future. No guarantee of a loan is implied. All potential applicants should read the TERMS notice, as well as the PRIVACY  notice.