Citylife Mortgages/Finance  ("CMF") does not focus on any one customer segment, which allows it to get all customers the best loan options possible regardless of credit score and the loan type under review. Ultimately, CMF is a referral service,  and the customer must complete the final steps of accepting or rejecting a loan offer, negotiating a deal, signing a loan offer and paying back the loan.

Pros: Customers have access to loan products, researched and found by CMF, which may include house, construction, interest only, principal and interest and refinancing loans.

 This unbiased third party site puts the shopper in touch with the researched and current best financial institutions for Australian Property loans for non residents.

  CMF only offers loan information and not actual loan offers. The website is not a one-stop shop for searching an actual loan, but more of a portal to begin looking for a loan.

 Australian Non-Resident Mortgages: If you're a foreign citizen OR Aussie expat living outside of Australia, NEW home loans and investment loans are NOW available at rates generally from 3.89% pa. CMF offers info on some of the best property loans in Australia.

While the information on loans is free, to get access to the actual lender(s) requires a small fee, to cover our research time and hosting fees but is no guarantee of an actual loan. You can order here.

The loans on offer are checked monthly and updated as needed. That said, the website is just that: a website. It is designed simply to get the loan requestor in front of the best, current loans outside of the mainstream banks as possible.

 The process requires a small handling fee, and only takes three minutes, but the legwork beyond that is substantial, as the requestor will be entering into negotiations on their own, and ultimately electing whether to pursue a loan or not. 

Again, CMF is a great start to the process of getting an Australian property mortgage but it will require a significant investment of time and energy before you secure your loan.


What is required to obtain loan details? 

Details of loans available are provided free on this website. Customers are encouraged to compare these loans to what they may have been offered elsewhere before paying for an introduction to the lender(s). Of note,  CMF only services requests from folks located outside of Australia, as loans are ONLY offered to Non-Residents of Australia and Aussie expats living abroad.

This website also provides a free list of other  lenders.

Once satisfied that the loan may meet your requirements, you make a small online payment safely through PAYPAL, where you will be given immediate access to the actual lender. 

How do I make loan payments?

 Consumers must negotiate directly with the lender, as CMF is not a financial institution.  The site does not offer loans, but does vet all lenders and for legitimacy and credibility before posting loans on this website.

Contract Details:  

Given that CMF is not a financial institution, offering loans, NOR IS IT A FINANCE BROKER, but an online marketplace where customers can review available loans first, without obligation, and without having to make an application, there is no contractual agreement between CMF and the shopper.

The agreement between the platform and the customer is strictly one of trust, and should be treated as such.


CMF does not offer a warranty, nor a guarantee, that a loan request will lead to a loan offer. The online marketplace does its best to match applicants with credible lenders, but leaves the rest to the consumer.

Who is the Lender?

CMF does not have one specific lender as the market is rapidly changing. However, all our lenders are private funders, offering very attractive terms and conditions compared compared to many of the banks and traditional lenders. To check current loans you may go to our LOANS AVAILABLE page.

FOR THE SAKE OF CLARITY our lender(s) are NOT any of the following:

-Any HK or Singapore Banks

-Any Chinese or Malaysian Banks

-BC Securities

-Blue Lotus loans

-Black Capital


Feel free to contact any of the above directly by yourself for loans.

Our lender(s) are Australian based and cover all of Australia.

How do I get the contact details of the lenders?

 You may place an on-line order safely through Pay Pal here.

You will be auto redirected to a secure log in page.  You mus enter the following to gain access:

LOG IN/USER NAME:  finance

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