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The Basics: 

Interest Rate:  Current Rate – 4.6% + 2% Management Fee

 Key Features 

 Purchase of OTP new property, Land & Construction

 Loans up to 70% of valuation.

By Individual Assessment - SA, WA 

Loan Term  Minimum 5 Years

Loan Option Principal & Interest

Borrower Type  PAYG, Self-Employed and Company Directors

Borrower Country of Origin :   No Country Restrictions

Acceptable Currency: All Currencies acceptable subject to shading

Acceptable Securities: All post codes acceptable subject to valuation.

 Minimum size – 50 Sq M

Construction  Available

Repayment Frequency  Principal & Interest Loans – weekly, fortnightly, and monthly repayments

Servicing  80% of Gross income, 80% of assessed rent


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