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Australian Non-Resident Mortgages: If you're a foreign citizen OR Aussie expat living outside of Australia, NEW home loans and investment loans are NOW available at rates generally from 3.89% pa. Citylife Mortgages offers info on some of the best property loans in Australia.

5 loan products are currently available for non-resident clients, self-employed and PAYG are considered.
One loan available for Australian expats, PR, and Non Australian.
One loan exclusive to expats.
Product summary with highlights are below:

LOAN 1. 

  •  Full foreign credit report and employment verification are required
  • 6.79%* Standard Variable Rate – LVR up to 80% 
  • + 0.30% Loading for Interest Only.  80% of net income; 80% of rent 
  • Loans up to 80% LVR 25-year term P&I with maximum 5 years Iinterest only.
  • Investment, refinance, and equity release
  • Apartment Size (Internal area) No Minimum<45sqm at max 50% LVR 45 – 50sqm at max 60% LVR>50sqm at max 75%  Clear Credit History (foreign country credit report required)


  • Online foreign credit report required
  • 6.95% Variable – 0.5% loading on Interest Only O 70% of net income; 80% of rent included
  • 100% Offset Account
  • Loans up to 65% LVR+ Interest / Interest Only to 60% LVR for maximum 3 years
  • Borrower Type Salary & Wage Earners (PAYG equivalent) and Self-Employed
  • Credit History Clear Credit History
  • Purpose Purchase, Refinance, Equity Release


  • Aussie Expat (Up to 80% LVR for Australian Citizens or PRs living and working overseas)


  • Specialist (Up to 5 Million,)
  • Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane
  • Online foreign credit report required
  • 6.95% at 70% LVR, 7.95% at 75% LVR
  • Houses 75% LVR. Apartments 65% LVR
  • Borrower Type Salary & Wage Earners (PAYG equivalent) and Self-Employed
  • Credit History Clear Credit History
  • 25 years principle and interest

  LOAN 5


  • Low Doc (Self-declaration form required)


Expats (PRs included). -Australian bank (construction or single-contract) Borrow up to 80% of purchase price

-Investment interest rate from 3.89%.

-Redraw facility, Interest Only options available.  $100 one-time fee. $395 annual fee

 Foreign investors. Australian bank (single-contract) NO CONSTRUCTION LOANS. Borrow up 60%to 70% of purchase price

-Inv. Int. rate from 4.50%. 

- Redraw facility, -$650 one-time fee, no ongoing fees 

You are FREE TO CHOOSE whether you wish to gain access to these lenders, plus others, by ordering the info below:


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